Ethereal, vibrant, dreamy, deliberate. I am a soft cyberpunk time-traveller, an impish enigma. Sharp and lustfully hot-blooded, sweet and sexy, always with embers just under the skin.


With something for every predilection, I love to shape each encounter into a creatively new experience. I am an open, tender listener and an eager, empathic lover; I take great pleasure in holding space that is warm and inviting. The same moment can hold both uninhibited intimacy and ferocious passion. Mine is a hedonist’s heart.

Playful in all things, I’m told that I have a delightful laugh. My youthful face and form mask a wealth of interesting experience. Don’t be deceived—I have a deliciously dark side, and a taste for dominance with those who would enjoy it.

But before we truly dive in, there’s something you must know… With a unique sense of gender, of which I am confident and self-assured, I have taken this beautiful female body and sculpted it to my ideals. The art across my back is of my own design, and for a pretty penny I’ve had my chest laid splendidly smooth.

A wicked smile and shimmering scars to excite and enthrall, I am a strange fairy-tale creature, an androgynous nymph from an alien world. I have soft curves and hard edges, and a burning fire to fuel your deepest, hottest fantasies…

So take the time to look around, and if you are intrigued, the pleasure of my company is a mere message away. Let’s break reality together.

Surreally yours,
Alexis Hope